About us

130 Park Boulevard, West Cape May, NJ 08204
Phone: (609) 884-2760
Email: sue@theflyingfishstudio.com
We also have a Booth in The West End Garage.

We started out in 1990 as a family owned clothing store in West Cape May, NJ, printing all of our off beat designs by hand. And now many years later, we are still here. A bit bigger and better and still printing by hand because that's the way we like it! Sure there are speedier and more hi-tech ways to do things, but we here at The Fish really like to screen-print and make things by hand, so there is a little bit of heart and soul in every object made in our studio. We live in an area close to the beach and close to farmland...hence the focus of our design works; fish, surf and vegetable themed designs prevail, as well as positive messages. Here at The Fish we have a focus on being environmentally conscious. We love our earth and hold strong to our belief that we need to work towards sustainability at all times.

At The Flying Fish Studio, owner Sue Lotozo hand makes (and designs) every single one of her cool, offbeat shirts and has been doing so since 1990.  So if you’re into T-shirts what you will find here are original, funky, retro designs on soft, high-quality shirts, with many celebrating Cape May life and traditions. Some examples are the series that celebrates the town’s wonderful beaches and the ones that showcase West Cape May’s almost-legendary Lima Bean Festival.
If you own a business, or are having an event, and need tees, hats or bags printed... give us a call or CLICK HERE to get a quote online.. We can use your logo and print it on most any garment so that it will fit your style and look great. The friendly staff at The Flying Fish Studio will be happy to help you.